Insurance Solutions for Startup Companies

As a startup ourselves we understand the position you are in. As a quickly growing, tightly run company resources must be carefully allocated. We work with clients to build an insurance program that grows with the company. You cannot buy the correct insurance coverage retroactively but you can build a base of protection that will grow with your company and ensure nuisance lawsuits will not hurt your valuation.

Insights in Emerging Regulatory and M&A Risks

Regulations surrounding employment practices and security laws are keeping small firms up at night, we help companies navigate the costs of unexpected regulations and investigations. We also work with firms to preform pre-sale due diligence to give potential investors the piece of mind that all past risks are appropriately covered.

Technology Driven Service

The average age of insurance producers is 64… ours is half that with an average of ten years in the industry. We embrace technology to work the way our clients do – in real time. Although the industry underwriters still require many thing to be on hard paper we are continuing to work to push the industry forward to our clients advantage.

Solutions for Growing Companies

Working with clients of all sizes and shapes the brokers affiliated with know how to structure an insurance program that will allow you to win and maintain contracts, protect offers/directors and give employees piece of mind. Insurance is simple but efficiently structuring a program for a technology company is not.