Case Studies

Single Programmer Competing on Large Contacts

A single programmer had finally secured his first last contract and realized large companies have very stringent insurance requirements. Working with his broker he was able to make a case to scale back the coverage requirements to only those truly necessary. Saving money and winning the contract.

Early Investors Concerned

A start-up mobile application creator had outgrown it’s angel funding and sought venture capital funding, realizing the risk of future litigation they purchased directors and officers liability. When the third round of funding came around the original investors filed suit to stop their dilution – by putting the correct coverage in place prior to the transaction and insurance company handled their defense so the founders could focus on the core business.

Larger Competitor Tries to Bury Start-Up

A start-up cloud software developer had a product so cutting edge a large competitor sued for patent infringement and libel over an interview touting the companies better product. Although the case was baseless insurance covered over $100,000 in legal bills to keep the lawsuit from wrecking the budding company.