Insurance Placements Tailored to Contractual Requirements

For many cash strapped start-ups the driving factor for insurance purchase is contractual requirements. We help our clients negotiate the removal of onerous requirements and purchase the most cost effective insurance possible.

Due Diligence Preparation

Insurance cannot (generally) be purchased retroactively. We work with clients to help position themselves to receive the highest valuation possible.

Protection Fit to your Life-cycle

A fresh start-up does not have the same risk tolerance level and one on it’s third round of funding. We with clients to “right size” your insurance program to the life-cycle stage of your business.

Insight into Emerging Risks

The risks technology companies face is constantly changing. We monitor them for our clients and keep them apprised with regular updates and action plans.

Claims Advocacy

When a claim comes in we will assist in working with the insurance company to ensure the best possible and least stressful outcome possible.